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Medical Modalities

We are able to take some insurances. 
Ask your primary care physicians for referrals!!
 ~Prices upon consultation~

A specialty massage to help loosen phlegm trapped in
the lungs and allow for easier breathing!

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Suffering from severe pain in shoulders, elbows, and hands? 
This specialty massage is designed to get you out of pain
and back to doing what you love to do with your hands!

Hair Loss/Alopecia
Hair loss can be hard on people especially in young women,
This regimen will bring circulation back where it belongs
and promote healthy hair growth once more. 

TMJ Disease(TMJD)
Over 10 million americans are affected with this disease.
It can be caused by stress, severe clenching, nail biting, or
neuromuscular disease.  Ease the pain and stress on the joint
while seeing your orthodontist.

Spinal Manipulation
Feeling numbness in your arms or legs?  Having constant
headaches or backaches?  Just have an injury and have limited
mobility?  This can be caused by pinched nerves and
lack of movement which can cause what is
called reflex zones.  Get a spinal manipulation
to see where the problem truly lies!

OPEN:  Tuesday~Saturday
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