Hair of the Tiger Beauty/Wellness Center~
~        Welcome to your one stop healing shop!!

These are a few options.  We put together a complete customized exercise and nutrition program just for you to optimize results, in addition, we have access to various supplements to help you get results faster and healthier!!

We start with a complete consultation and fit test to be sure you are challenged, yet able to complete each work out.

 Have fun and get results!  This is great for strengthening your core,
building coordination, and challenging your mind and body.

~Step, Kick, and Sculpt Boot Camp~
Change it up and feel renewed!!  This is a great combination of 
step aerobics, kickboxing, and sculpting the body.  Let's have fun and
get fit!

~Tone and Sculpt~

This work out is designed to lengthen your muscles and create lean long lines in your body.

~Add Muscle~
If you're looking to bulk up and see results, then this training will challenge you!

~Weight Loss~
 Looking to lose some pounds?...Take this personalized program to work out your problem areas and
build-up your metabolism.

Improve your flexibility, stamina, circulation, and coordination through Pilates. All levels are welcome. Pilates supports whole-body functioning as well as strengthens and enhances endurance.
$40/session ~6 days a week is recommended~


Learn to quiete your mind and truly find  your inner peace.  You will find strength and wisdom in this class. 

~Pool Side Manor~

Frail or fragile body?..Injury?..Obesity?..Find strength once more in the pool!
We will personalize a routine for you to build your strength or lose weight without
the strain of gravity!!

OPEN:  Tuesday-Saturday

Call for an appointment today!