Hair of the Tiger Beauty/Wellness Center~
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 All massage sessions include hot stone, choice of aromatherapy, and hot towel compress.  75 minute and up sessions also include a hand and foot treatment.

45 MINUTE~$75    60 MINUTE~$100    75 MINUTE~$125    90 MINUTE~$150    120 MINUTE~$200

~Deep Tissue~
(Indulge as your muscles completely unwind!)

 ~Swedish Massage~    
(A perfect time to unwind and reduce stress!) 

~Couple's Massage~
As of now available only in Hollister location.
(Indulge with your loved one side by side)
*Includes Deep Tissue, or Swedish Massage*


~Reiki Massage~
(Melt away cares, troubles, aches, pains, and illness with energy work)

~Sports Massage~
(Warm up those muscles before an event!...Or relax after) 

(Meridian pressure points clear the channels in your body and brings clarity and relaxation to mind and spirit)

~Thai Stretches~
(Gain flexibility and circulation in the body)

~Musician's Release~
(Play an instrument or sing?...Relax your overused muscles or warm them
up before a gig so you can keep on rockin'!)

~Reconstructive Body Work/Recovery~
(Injury?..Lack of mobility?..Severe hypertension?..Let the pros go
to work and get you back in motion.)
free consultation~sessions required 

~Lymphatic Drainage~
(Lose weight and detox your body! Recommended every 5th massage.)

~Cellulite Therapy/Inch Loss~
(Get rid of that pesky cellulite with this treatment!) 

~Face Lift~
(Got wrinkles?...This procedure will lift your spirits and face!)     

~Manchurian Acupressure~
(release tension headaches!)

(add to any service or on it's own!)

~Myofascial Release/Trigger Point Therapy~
(Clear the knots from your body!  Add to any massage.) 

~Facial Massage~
(Relieve stress in the face and scalp) 

~Clarity foot bath~
(Detox from the feet up) 

~Also see medical modalities~


~Acne treatments~
(Clarify the skin and keep it supple)
30min/$65  60 min/$80

~Anti-Aging Miracle~

(Feel your skin actually tighten with each treatment!)
30min/$85  60 min/$150

~Maintenance Facial~

(Keep your youthful skin!)
30min/$45  60 min/$65

~Sea Sponge Facial~
(Deep clean your pores and extra dry skin build-up with this
 eco-friendly way to leave your skin feeling smooth!)
30min/$65  60 min/$80

~Back Facial~

(Let us get into those hard-to-reach pores! Back scrub is included)

~Price on consultation~

OPEN:  Tuesday~Saturday

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